Elicit Open-ended Feedback with Mentimeter

Invite different viewpoints and anonymous feedback with Mentimeter

I used Mentimeter to create my lecture slides for my large (270+) introduction to moral philosophy class in the fall, and I am using it again this semester to create the lecture slides for my smaller (20+) environmental ethics class.

Since my classes often involve thought experiments, I can easily ask students about their intuitions about these thought experiments using Mentimeter. This is far better than a clicker system for large classes. And even in the smaller class, it is valuable because this allows students to respond without being influenced by their peers and without fear of judgment.

´╗┐It is also great because students can submit written feedback in addition to multiple-choice polls, which further enriches the student experience and makes them involved. I have had many students tell me they quite like my use of Mentimeter, both for keeping them engaged and testing their understanding. In addition to thought experiments, I often ask students quick comprehension questions through Mentimeter.

Adam Lerner, Lecturer, Philosophy