Fast, Consistent, Transparent Grading

Streamline and improve grading transparency with Gradescope 

Using Gradescope last fall revolutionized the exam grading process for MOL 345 (135 students). Whether the exams were in person or online, Gradescope made grading faster, more consistent, and more transparent.

During the semester, students took two exams in person. The hardest part was scanning the exams; once we got used to the procedure, it proved reasonably efficient. Next, we graded the exams online.

When we suddenly needed to move the final exam online, we used Gradescope’s online assignment feature. This allowed students to take the exam without printing it out or scanning it afterward, and we could grade them as before.

Overall, Gradescope was easy to learn, efficient to use, and well-integrated with Canvas. Like the colleague who first told us about it, we would never consider going back to the old way of grading.

Frederick Hughson, Professor of Molecular Biology