Making Modules Work for You

“One of my favorites is the Modules (…) a great way to organize a class.”

Kelly Noonan, Lecturer, Department of Economics
Course: Introduction to Microeconomics

When face-to-face interactions are limited, communicating clear learning paths through effective course organization takes on even greater significance. Canvas’ Modules feature provides a modifiable structure enabling instructors to guide learning and account for necessary adaptations.

Dr. Noonan explains that “each week is a module where I post all the readings, assignments and lectures. Alternatively, the modules could be set up by topic.” Noonan creates assignments within modules, and has been further impressed by the “interaction of the calendar and assignments (as) once an assignment is created in Canvas, students will see the assignment due date on the main course page.” Noonan recommends Canvas as “easy to use, easy to navigate (and) flexible.”