Managing and Grading Student Work

Canvas provides “a one-stop platform to manage submission of written assignments, peer reviews, and grading, instead of the endless chain of emails with attached Word files.”

Mariana Bono, Associate Director of Spanish Language Program, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Course: Advanced Studies in Spanish Language and Style

A major challenge for instructors is managing the submission of student work. This is especially the case for courses where multiple submissions are made in different media, a common situation in language courses.

Canvas makes managing assignment submissions easier in a number of ways: assignments are automatically added to the gradebook and calendar, instructors can specify the media and file type required, and submitted work is preserved on Canvas’ server, even if you delete it. In SpeedGrader, one of Canvas’s features, instructors can annotate student submissions, leave personalized feedback for students, and enter grades—all in one place. Professor Bono, who has been using SpeedGrader, reports that she particularly appreciates seeing “the average grade (and) my progress in terms of how many assignments remain to be graded… I love it!”