Princeton’s new Syllabus Library

May 6, 2021

We are excited to launch a Syllabus Library for students, faculty and staff at Princeton! The syllabus library is integrated with Canvas and is also accessible directly on this page. 

The syllabus library fulfills several important purposes:

First, the syllabus library provides a simple way for instructors to share their syllabus (in document form) with students enrolled in their course. Starting with Fall ‘21 courses, the syllabus library is accessible in the navigation bar in every Canvas course site. Please note: the use of the syllabus library is optional and instructors can choose Canvas’ native syllabus tool if they prefer (a full description of both options can be found in the Field Guide to Canvas).

Second, the syllabus library provides students with easy access to the syllabi of courses in which they are considering enrolling. Many students, including representatives of the Canvas Implementation Student Advisory Board, have requested this functionality. A searchable syllabus library will be especially useful during the course selection period and add/drop.

Third, the syllabus library, which is searchable by keyword, term, instructor and subject, will also be valuable for students, staff and faculty who simply are curious to learn more details about the courses offered at Princeton.

Please note: access to the syllabus library requires a Princeton Net ID—it is not accessible to non-Princeton users. For more information or help, please visit the Field Guide to Canvas, contact your McGraw Center instructional designer, or write to [email protected].