Project Team


Project Governance

Executive Project Sponsor: Jill Dolan, Dean of the College Project
Sponsor: Kate Stanton, Interim Director, McGraw Center
Project Steering Committee: Kate Stanton (Chair), Interim Director, McGraw Center

Canvas Implementation Project Team

Project Manager: Erin Runyon, Project Manager, OIT
Project Functional Lead: Mona Fixdal, Associate Director for Online Education, McGraw Center
Project Integration Lead: Janet Temos, Director, Educational Technologies, McGraw Center
Project Technical Lead: Dennis Hood, Senior Manager, Learning Management Systems, OIT
Ben Johnston, Sr. Educational Technology Specialist, McGraw Center
Rodney Hargis, Sr. Support & Training Analyst, OIT
Courtney Volpe, Support & Training Analyst, OIT
Kim Huang, Senior Application Developer, OIT
Anu Vedantham, Assistant University Librarian for Research Services

Project Advisory Groups

Faculty Advisory Group: James "Alec" Dun, Assistant Dean of the College, ODOC (Chair)
Undergraduate Student Advisory Group: Nic Voge, Sr. Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)
Grad Student Advisory Group: Sarah Schwarz, Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)
Communications Strategy Advisory Group: Mona Fixdal, Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)
Project Advisory Group: Mona Fixdal, Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)

Jill Dolan
Executive Project Sponsor
Dean of the College
Office Phone
Katherine Stanton
Project Sponsor
Project Steering Committee Chair
Associate Dean and Director of the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
Office Phone
328A Frist Campus Center