Project Team


Project Governance

Executive Project Sponsor: Jill Dolan, Dean of the College Project
Sponsor: Kate Stanton, Interim Director, McGraw Center
Project Steering Committee: Kate Stanton (Chair), Interim Director, McGraw Center

Canvas Implementation Project Team

Project Manager: Erin Runyon, Project Manager, OIT
Project Functional Lead: Mona Fixdal, Associate Director for Online Education, McGraw Center
Project Integration Lead: Janet Temos, Director, Educational Technologies, McGraw Center
Project Technical Lead: Dennis Hood, Senior Manager, Learning Management Systems, OIT
Ben Johnston, Sr. Educational Technology Specialist, McGraw Center
Rodney Hargis, Sr. Support & Training Analyst, OIT
Courtney Volpe, Support & Training Analyst, OIT
Kim Huang, Senior Application Developer, OIT
Anu Vedantham, Assistant University Librarian for Research Services

Project Advisory Groups

Faculty Advisory Group: James "Alec" Dun, Assistant Dean of the College, ODOC (Chair)
Undergraduate Student Advisory Group: Nic Voge, Sr. Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)
Grad Student Advisory Group: Sarah Schwarz, Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)
Communications Strategy Advisory Group: Mona Fixdal, Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)
Project Advisory Group: Mona Fixdal, Associate Director, McGraw Center (Chair)