Speeding Things Up

Once you get to know your way around Canvas, the day-to-day management of a class is, at least in my experience, much smoother and quicker (than in Blackboard).

Changing to a new LMS involves spending some time to learn new functions, but faculty members who began using Canvas this year have reported that the time they invested quickly paid off. Dr. Kim has found that “responding to students' written work is immensely easier through Canvas than Blackboard.” Kim has been using SpeedGrader for short assignments “to view and comment on their submissions without having to download and upload anything.” For more substantial pieces of work she says it is “quite easy and quick to download all submission files and then return individualized feedback to each student.” Kim views the transition to Canvas positively, and suggests that Canvas is “a pleasant interface to deal with on a daily basis.”

Soo-Young Kim, Princeton Writing Program
Course: Educational Equities