Studying Images

The Mirador image viewer allows instructors to "post multiple angles of one object and students can manipulate the images (zooming in and out). Students can also study images side-by-side [and] learn objects in detail.”

Nathan Arrington, Associate Professor, Department of Art and Archaeology
Courses: Greek Art and Archaeology, Introduction to Archaeology

A perennial challenge for art and cultural historians is how to display, organize, and share images with students. With the help of Julia Gearhart, the Director of Visual Resources in Art and Archaeology, the McGraw Center has integrated Mirador with Canvas. Mirador is a multi-window image viewing platform that can draw on multiple repositories. The tool makes it possible to juxtapose and annotate images, and as Professor Arrington points out, “allows students to learn objects in detail” right on the course site. Arrington also notes that Mirador protects intellectual property as “the images cannot be downloaded, so there aren't copyright issues.”