Teaching with Canvas

Canvas is a robust and intuitive online platform for teaching and learning (also known as a Learning Management System or LMS). As of summer 2021, it has replaced Princeton's longstanding LMS, Blackboard.

The adoption of Canvas, with its powerful capabilities, marks an exciting new chapter for teaching and learning at Princeton. We feel confident that Canvas not only offers a more user-friendly experience for students, staff, and faculty, but that its tools and features can expand learning activities, improve assessment strategies, and provide new opportunities for collaboration. We hope this change will spark valuable conversations around teaching and enhance pedagogical innovations on our campus.

The McGraw Center has developed a Field Guide to Canvas, which is designed to provide a quick and broad overview of Canvas. Teaching teams should always feel free to reach out to one of the McGraw Center's instructional designers or to [email protected] for help. 

On this page you will soon also find more resources on teaching with Canvas. Stay tuned!