Faculty Spotlights

Managing and Grading Student Work
Canvas provides “a one-stop platform to manage submission of written assignments, peer reviews, and grading, instead of the endless chain of emails with attached Word files.”
Studying Images
The Mirador image viewer allows instructors to 'post multiple angles of one object and students can manipulate the images (zooming in and out). Students can also study images side-by-side [and] learn objects in detail.'
Coordinating Teams, Grading Efficiently
Gradescope, which integrates with Canvas, “allows us to have students submit their homeworks online and provides just the right features for AIs to grade homeworks with maximal efficiency and consistency.”
The Importance of User-friendly Design
Canvas (has a) more user-friendly and more intuitive interface than Blackboard
Working Together With Canvas
We really like the Modules (and) the ease of student submissions online.
Encouraging Interactivity
Canvas should not be thought of as a repository of materials, but as a learning system where one can present the information in a more interactive way.
Making Modules Work for You
One of my favorites is the Modules (…) a great way to organize a class.
Speeding Things Up
Once you get to know your way around Canvas, the day-to-day management of a class is, at least in my experience, much smoother and quicker (than in Blackboard).