Working Together With Canvas

“We really like the Modules (and) the ease of student submissions online.”

Tera Hunter, Edwards Professor of American History and Professor of African-American Studies
Course: African-American History 1619-1865

Course development takes into account the needs of learners, often in multiple precepts, and the demands of coordinating multiple instructors. Canvas can be used in a way that facilitates online, asynchronous collaboration between instructors to build, then test, a course.

Professor Hunter has been working with graduate student Shelby Sinclair to support students across three precepts. Modules and Assignments functions have integrated well, providing a clear method to manage learning. Hunter remarks that investing time in learning Canvas’ functions, particularly how to “integrate links and attach documents” is very valuable. Hunter remains mindful that the student experience should be considered carefully. She suggests inspecting the site “in ‘Student View’ to get a sense of whether or not the materials you posted are easy for them to find and use.”